Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bardel Entertainment Inc. is looking for Clean-Up Artist

Bardel Entertainment Inc. is looking to fill 100 clean-up artist positions right away. They are located in Canada and you would need 3 plus years of experiences to qualify.

Anne Denaman
Managin Director
Kelowna Studio

A: 1405 St. Paul Street, #108
     Kelowna, BC

T: 604.669.5589 ext 1669

C: 604.347.5522

E: adenman@bardel.ca

Website: http://www.bardel.ca/

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hillsborough Plein Air 2014

These paintings were done during the event. Had a great time painting among my friends and colleagues.

Blue Ribbon (oil on canvas, 18" X 24")

Blue Tank Top - close up (oil on canvas, 16" X 20")

Golden Hour (oil on canvas, 16" X 20")

Three's A Crowd (oil on canvas, 12" X 16")

Art On The Boulevard

I'm so excited and honored that I get to hang my work alongside such an amazing body of art at Art On The Boulevard Gallery in Vancouver, Washington. Please stop by and see some of my latest work there if you're in the neighborhood.

Touch of Red (oil on canvas, 16" X 20")

A Gust of Wind (oil on linen board, 9" X 12")

Location Hours
210 W. Evergreen Boulevard (Suite300) at the corner of Evergreen and Columbia in Vancouver, Washington in the Vancouver Marketplace Building.
 Tuesday thru Saturday, 10 to 5 pm and First Friday Openings from 5-9pm.