Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nanglis Vang & Family Fundraiser

THANK YOU EVERYONE for taking the time in viewing this blog and for all the contributions on behalf of my nephew's family during this dark time. My family and I really appreciate it! 


I lost my dear nephew Nanglis Vang on 6/2/2017, just shy of his 41 birthday. My heart and spirit is a bit broken right now but I'm so thankful to have my family and so many fantastic friends in this world. Thank you all for taking the time in clicking the link and viewing this blog.

Please shoot me an email at if you're interested in purchasing a painting or two. Proceeds (shipping cost included, frame NOT included) will go towards helping out with the funeral, his wife's medical bill and his five young children.

For more information on what took place;

 #1 (11" X 14") - SOLD

# 2 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#3 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#4 (16" X 20") - NFS

#5 (11" X 14) - SOLD

#6 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#7 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#8 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#9 (9" X 12") - SOLD

#10 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#11 (11" X 14") - SOLD

#12 (16" X 20") - NFS

#13 (9" X 12") - SOLD

#14 (16" X 20") - SOLD

#15 (16" X 20") - NFS

#16 (16" X 20") - SOLD

#17 (16"X 20") - SOLD

#18 (16" X 20") - NFS

#19 (11" X 14") - SOLD

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Monday Painting at Sauvie Island

Hi guys,

For those of you who's interested in joining us for a little plein air at Sauvie Island, please meet at the Cracker Barrel Grocery (cross the bridge, slight left turn, go straight and you'll see the store to your left) around noon.

Address is:

If you're late, there's no guarantee where we'll be so DON'T BE LATE!

I look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow. Call me if you can't find us.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Thank you everyone for being so generous and kind in supporting this cause. I've never done anything like this before and my mind right now is BLOWN away. There are no words to express the gratitude and humility I'm feeling for what you've done.

It may feel like we're alone sometime but we're all connected at the roots,
 just like these pears. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Please Help

I'm selling these for $100 a piece to raise money for a very special single dad who's being stretched to the max financially. I'm asking for $100 but if you can spare a little more, I know he would really appreciate it. 100% of the proceeds will to to him and his young son. Please email me at to make arrangement for donation or to buy one of these paintings on his behalf. I haven't had time to set up a bank account for him but to those who knows me, I'm honest and too generous.

All the paintings are 11" X 14" with the exception of the first painting listed below.













Classes on Tuesday and Thursday

I'm so excited to be able to finally offer classes on Tuesday (11 - 3 pm) and Thursday (1 - 5 pm). In these classes, you'll get a chance to work closely with me on a number of special topics including landscape, figure, portrait, still life, abstract, edges, style and so on. I will post what it is we'll be focusing on each week here on this blog site. Please email me for questions, reservation or information at

Due to the limited size of these classes, I'm asking that if you're doing the monthly reservation, please let me know which day (Tuesday or Thursday) works best for you. This will allow more people to sign up. If you want to check to see if there's any cancellation or would like to meet up more than once a week, I'll put you on a waiting list and let you know as soon as something opens up.

Thanks again for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

BOTH CLASSES ARE FULL(email me to get on a waiting list if you're interested)
Start - May 23, 2017
Cost - $35/session or $100/month (for 4 sessions)
Spaces - 5 maximum
Location - Beaverton Oregon

Reservation or prior approval is required due to limited spacing